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Key Factor for Evaluation of the Engineering Program: PO and PSO Attainment

Sumana Jayaprakash

Abstract: Professional Engineering Educational Program today, has a wide spectrum of roles and responsibilities to adhere to. In today’s rapidly changing technological context, and multidisciplinary work environments, the need of application based knowledge, skills and attitude widens the horizon of the Education Program towards creation of conducive environments for learning and Research. It impels the Institution to emerge as a centre of excellence with a responsibility of grooming socially responsible professionals. In this context, the Program Outcome attainment is a benchmark for aligning the goals of the engineering discipline. This review paper demonstrates the calculation of the Program Outcome and Program Specific Outcome attainment. As evaluation of the Program is a key factor that determines the level of attainment of the Program Outcomes against the target level attainment, the understanding of the attainment level facilitates introspection, investigation, reflection leading to redesign, modification and application of new concepts at the course level for higher attainment of Program Outcomes. Further mapping of the PO and PSO Attainment with the Program Educational Objectives, can be carried out.

Keywords: Program Outcome, attainment, key factor, evaluation