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Stystic Classification of English Vocabulary

Oniani T. G

Abstract: The aim of the work is to speak about of the stylistic classification of English vocabulary. Like any linguistic issues the classification of the vocabulary here suggested is for purely stylistic purposes. This is important for the course is as much as some SD-s are based on the interplay of different stylistic aspects of words. The common literary, neutral and common colloquial words are grouped under the terms STANDARD ENGLISH VOCABULARY. Indeed, the coinage of new lexical units, the development of meaning, the differentiation of words according to their stylistic evaluation and their spheres of usage systematic character of the word-stock of a language amounts to denying the systematic character of language as a whole, words being elements in the general system of language.

Keywords: language, stylistic, English, vocabulary, synonyms, literary, special, alternation, phenomenon, word, process, interesting, term, science, interesting, relevance, immediately, society, terminology, ordinary, aspect