Downloading: Likes and Dislikes of Respondents
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Likes and Dislikes of Respondents

Rumisa Nabi

Abstract: The study was undertaken to assess the abnormal eating habits among adolescents in srinagar city. The objective of the review is to understand the concerns over body weight and the current eating patterns of adolescent girls in the developed and developing countries. The aim of this study is to understand the current eating patterns and body weight concerns among adolescent girls in global and Indian context. Secondly, an attempt has been made to explore those factors influencing eating behaviours. A total of 100 subjects were included in the study. This study was done on males and females in which 45 % (n=45) were females and 55 % (n=55) were males. METHOD: The main tool used was questionaire the data was collected precisely and the verbal assurance was given to each subject in terms of maintaining the confidentiality of the obtained information. The data was collected through the personal interviews with the subjects. The analysis of data was done using the Microsoft excel, spss, programme employing the test like chi-square and p-value.

Keywords: abnormal eating habits