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Why is Planning a Relevant Factor in the Management of Projects

Crispin George

Abstract: Planning is an essential part of project management. Without an adequate plan, the chances for project failure is enhanced. The project plan serves as the roadmap that creates a fine pathway to get you from where you are to your destination. Planning seeks to answer the following questions; who will manage the project, how long will it take to manage the project, cost of managing the project and how will the project impact its beneficiaries/clients. In order to avoid circumstances such as budgets overrun, missed project completion dates and partially achieving client specifications; there should be a viable plan so that you can plan the work and work the plan. Considering the enormous contributions of planning to project success, it’s incumbent on every project to have a plan. Such plan will enable projects to achieve its core objectives which is to meet client’s requirements within given constraints. The project is deemed successful if it is able to accomplish client’s requirements; such, will convince the client to accept the project which is the hall mark of success. What’s the use implementing a project that the client will reject at the end of the day. In preventing such from happening, project stakeholders should embrace planning.

Keywords: Planning, Work breakdown structure, Work packages, Responsibility matrix, Stakeholders