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Professional Development in the Workplace: Key to Sustainable Growth

Ricky S. Yabo

Abstract: The expertise of in - service teachers plays a vital role in forming and honing the basic education of the learners hence in - service training (INSET) for teachers is deemed necessary. INSET for teachers is a training that is given to public school teachers during the course of service. It is a process by which teachers are taught and trained the skills that are needed for the job and teaching in totality. Moreover, school INSET for teachers includes interaction which contains the roles assume which involves the assumption of task/s assigned of the school head and teacher - participants, verbal language which is customarily structured system of vocal sounds that communicates meaning between individuals, and non - verbal language which includes visual cues and indications such as body language but also the use of voice, touch, distance, and physical environments. Related literatures and studies shown that school in - service training had influenced the teachers personal and professional development. There were countless identified INSET best practices characterized as collaboration, engagement, feedback and follow - through activities. Strict implementation of training needs assessment (TNA) before the conduct of in - service training, adequate INSET budget and time for planning, expert and skillful resource speakers during the INSET implementation, drawing out of training expectations, grouping of teachers according to their specialization, inclusive checking of participants output, and consideration of best practices in future in - service training is highly recommended. Thus, the professional development of teachers in their respective workplace is a key to sustainable growth in the field of teaching.

Keywords: In - Service Training, Teachers, Personal and Professional Growth, Human Resource Development