Downloading: Video Documentary Film as ICT tool for Agricultural Extension
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Video Documentary Film as ICT tool for Agricultural Extension

B. N. Ambarisha, Dr. H. K. Mariswamy

Abstract: Video documentaries are fact based films designed to be educational, informational and instructional with the use of audio-visual inputs. Video documentary has the advantage of sound and sight that can catch, retain and sustain attention for a long period of time. Since number of extension personnel in rural areas is getting reduced in recent years, these documentary films are used as effective extension tool for communicating to farmers. A study undertaken to know the Effectiveness of documentary films in communicating technologies to dairy farmers in Karnataka revealed that more information was gained through documentary film when compared to other sources of information and it was found to be effective mode of technology transfer. In recent years, since mobile penetration has increased in rural areas, accessing to social media has become most convenient communication method. You tube which is most preferred channel in Social media for videos has become much popular and effective source for the farmers. Video documentary films transmitted through social media, the most popular ICT tool for agriculture extension has great potential to be used for knowledge sharing and social networking among farmers. There is wide scope for developing short videos using modern gadgets and editing tools.

Keywords: documentary films, agriculture extension, social media in agriculture, audio visual films, ICT