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A Story of the Breast Giver

Kumar Madar

Abstract: The Breast Giver, from her collection of short stories called, Breast Stories, the indigenous bureaucracy, the Diasporas, and the people who are sworn to protect the new state, abuse and exploit her. If nothing is done to Mahasweta Devi outlines womens identity as body, worker and object. Breast-Giver is the story of Jashoda, a Brahmin woman character, whose husband loses his legs in an accident and she has to take up the job of a nurse in a rich family. Jashodas revolting and cancerous maternal body offers a powerful and situated counterpoint to the universal valorization of womens embodied resistance and political struggle. It could be calculated as per formative mode of female existence in her own context that no male and social phenomena.

Keywords: Characters, Victimization and Exploitation of Motherhood, Decisive Moment, Male Desire and Castration, Role of Women, Imaginary and Symbolic Order