Downloading: Prevalence of Intestinal Worm Infestations among Under Five Children
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Prevalence of Intestinal Worm Infestations among Under Five Children

Kanta Rani, Dr. R.B.V.V. Sunitha, Dr. Harjinder Pal Kaur

Abstract: Worm Infestation is a major public health problem in children of developing countries because of poor socio economic conditions and lack of good hygienic living. Intestinal worm infestations contribute significantly to global burden of diseases in children, especially in the tropical and sub – tropical regions. The aim of the present study was to estimate prevalence of Intestinal worm infestation among the under five children. A non – experimental research approach and descriptive research design was used for a sample of 100 under five children in selected village of Golawali Kulian, Amritsar, Punjab. Simple random sampling technique was use to collect samples. Data was collected in two sections; one was sample characteristics and second was Microscopic stool examinations. The result of the study revealed that out of 100 children examined almost 73 (73.0 %) under five children suffered from various Intestinal e.g. Thread worm 31.0 %, Round worm (30.0 %), Whipworm (7.0 %) and Hook worm (5 %). According to the association of prevalence of Intestinal worm Infestation selected demographic variable of worm infestation. The highest prevalence 59 % was noted in the age group of 2 – 4 years

Keywords: Intestinal worm Infestation, Prevalence under five children, Information booklet