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Technology Development in Education

Ningxin Li

Abstract: A teacher should be a model to guide students. Students have choices of what fields they want to focus on. Also, a class should invite arguments and allow different ideas from students to shape the understanding of the teacher and the students, so that they can all learn from each other in the class. They will develop new learning strategies and create new ideas together. A class allows students to use technology to help them achieve significant improvements in productivity. Students can share their learning experiences, and the teacher can present valuable materials from online tools. Blended learning opportunities, such as face-to-face and online learning, can accommodate students’ diverse learning styles (Stavredes, 2011). Students can choose online learning and take advantage of learning outside of school hours to reduce the cost of transportations (Johnson, 2013). Teaching techniques can be useful when the teacher wants to conduct activities in a class. The author will explain how to prepare technology in a class in order to facilitate teaching. The author will also bring the concept that students will learn knowledge and understand different cultures by using technology teaching methods.

Keywords: Technology development, presentation software, engagement teaching system