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Technology Being a Tirade to the Environment

Ancy George

Abstract: This paper is an explorative analysis of the cross relationship between Technology and the Environment. The environmental pollution and the effects to the planet have resulted in ecological imbalances proving a growing consciousness to the place we live. The ecology is having a field of damages that not only affects the animals but also human beings. Since Vedic time the main motto of social life was to live in harmony with nature but right now with the advancements of technology we are facing an excess of Carbon emissions which is violating the environmental ethics. Technology plays a very crucial role in today’s world as we have become dependent on it, though technology provides us with all the facilities, the basic necessities for mankind is provided by the Environment. This should be given a serious note because the need for mankind to survive for the future environment is the sole criterion to safeguard the natural resources and to maintain the quality of them. A man can be a creator and moulder to his environment but it is also in his hands to protect the ecology, as we have right to life, the same way the earth should be given right to life and right to clean, healthy Environment. This paper attempts to throw light to the importance of the ecological imbalances facing currently and what can be done legally by improving the state of the current environment.

Keywords: Environment issues in Indian law, united nations, Environment in the Vedic time, Environment and Constitution of India, International laws for the Environment, Customary International law, conventions