Downloading: High Speed and High Reliable OFDM System with Radix 4
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High Speed and High Reliable OFDM System with Radix 4

Prabakaran.P, Prabhakaran.S

Abstract: As one of the most promising techniques for wireless applications including digital audio broadcasting, digital video broadcasting and wireless local area networks, orthogonal frequency division multiplexing is becoming a focus of interests and attentions of worldwide researches. On comparing all the networks and communication system prevailing today in this scientific world, OFDM system stands first among all those networks and systems. Hence forth this system has been in focus of all the intellectuals around the world in using as well as in making that further comfortable to the requirements of the current updates of the world. These flaws can be abated by using the radix 4 technologies in IFFT and FFT blocks of OFDM system. The radix 4 technology can able to process the signal with many sample points eventually could able to give accurate discredited and quantized values of the signal to next block process the signal successively in the OFDM system both in transmitter and receiver side of the system. Hence forth this radix 4 technology could able to decrease the high bit error rate and computational complexity in processing the signal.

Keywords: M sim, FPGA kit, radix 4, OFDM, IFFT and FFT