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The Image-Making Elements outside Explanation

Abdolqani Irvanizadeh, Iran Nasseri Sisakht

Abstract: The element of imagination is the basis of each effective and pleasing speech and the skillful author or poet with taking advantage from this element can demonstrate his/her feelings against beauties.The poetic images are mostly created by the help of simile, metaphor, metonymy, and kenning. However there are some elements outside explanation with undeniable image-making power. The Night of Desert by Dr. Ali Shariaty is one of the beautiful texts in the pre-university literature book in which the author with the help of image-making elements has revived his writing in such a way that the addressee immediately accompanies his feelings.The author of this article only analyzes the image-making elements outside explanation, however; this article is full of image-making elements such as simile, metaphor, etc. that make the readers interested.

Keywords: Desert, Feelings, Imagination, Night, Personification