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Research Objective To monitor and investigate consumption patterns of tobacco products in labourers of Ahmedabad. Methods and Measures The sample of 422 labourers (age 15 to 64 years) was selected by self organized population based survey. An un-weighted dataset is part of survey design and rates and ratios are estimated with 95 % C.I. For the evaluation of consumption of tobacco products, different socio-demographic characteristics of respondents were selected as covariates. For the data collection a pretested questionnaire was prepared in two languages English and Gujarati. Statistical Analysis The whole statistical analysis of the collected data was carried out by means of SPSS 21.0 using descriptive statistics and logistic regression for selection of the risk factors. Conclusion From the study results we can conclude that a majority of the respondents were habituated with smokeless tobacco use. Highest prevalence of smoking was found in young and less educated labourers. No significant effect of awareness of ill effects is found on prevalence of smoking in labour class. The age between 35 to 44 years in labourers are found to have highest prevalence rate of smokeless tobacco use. Very high prevalence rates found in study indicate urgent need of effective tobacco control programs for labourers to get rid of this deadly habit.