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Denture adhesive is used to keep the denture in place. It is applied to the fitting surface of the denture. In the mouth, with the presence of water from saliva, the material swells and creates an adhesion between denture and the gum that improves the retention and stability of denture wearing patient. Denture adhesive is an important area of research for more than 5 decade which leads to biocompatibility controversy of denture adhesive. Denture adhesive enhances the retention, stability and masticatory performance of removable prosthesis. Denture adhesive is available in different forms like power, liquids, cream, pads or wafers. Composition of dnture adhesive include methy vinyl ether anhydrite copolymer, karaya gum, pectin, gelatine, mineral oil, anti microbial agent carboxymethylcellulose etc.