Downloading: Spotting and Segregation of Sinkhole Node in MANET
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Spotting and Segregation of Sinkhole Node in MANET

Jeeja Borkar, Vaishali Malekar

Abstract: MANET (Mobile ad-hoc Network) is mostly known for providing communication between nomadic nodes along with the different features such as, routing of data packets, managing whole network by self organization capabilities, interaction among nodes by maintaining trust factors. In MANET it is difficult to maintain the trust for nodes in the network. The different nodes communicate with each other by cooperating among the network. Due to these features MANET is more vulnerable to the different attacks. In this paper one of the attack detection and isolation mechanisms have been proposed. The point of concentration is to detect sinkhole attack. Presence of sinkhole attack will try to divert the whole network traffic towards itself or any other node by propagating wrong routing information in the network. In this paper the DSR (Dynamic Source Routing) algorithm is used for routing of data. Due to presence of sinkhole attack delay increases, network throughput decreases and packet delivery ratio decreases (PDR) and finally complete network leads to dead stage. This paper proposes the efficient method to deal with the sinkhole attack and make the network more efficient.

Keywords: MANET, DSR, PDR, sinkhole attack, throughput