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Environmental Development in West Java

Candradewini, Budiman Rusli

Abstract: To sustain his life, humans have managed environment unilaterally, in the sense of its own to meet his needs a momentary nature has been exploiting natural resources, unwittingly this attitude has been lying to yourself in a sense sacrifice the future for the generations of the next generation. This is a problem in the implementation of the development if formulated explicitly concerned with environmental issues and the issue of residency which interplay with one another. In order to safeguard the sustainability of nature, the development of environmentally is an option, because it is a mix of matching, aligned and balanced between the systems ecologist, social systems and economic systems. The alignment is hoped the development will increase the quality of human life and to maintain environmental sustainability. In west java province some natural resources, which should merit attention to the development of environmentally sound is this forest resources, water and the soil.Those resources has a great influence on the development of environmentally sound. They have a very close and inseparable because the interplay also deals causally.

Keywords: Development, environment, environmental, sustainability