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Mature Ovarian Teratoma

K. Tzvetankov, G. Hadjidekov, I. Plachkov, M. Hristova-Turlakova

Abstract: Teratomas are the most common ovarian germ cell tumors, presenting a variety of histological aspects. They are often multi-cystic and contain sebaceous fluid, skin, hair and teeth. Most of them are asymptomatic and rarely manifest with abdominal pain. Imaging plays the main role in the diagnosis with ultrasonography (US) as the first and magnetic renonance imaging (MRI) as the preferred method of choice as a valuable adjunct for further characterization of these lesions. Our case demonstrate the supplementary role of MRI of a mature cystic teratoma origination from the left ovary.

Keywords: teratomas, germ cell tumor, sonography, MRI