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A Survey of Multi-Biometric Cryptographic Security System

Vaibhavkumar S. Gaikawad, S. N. Kini

Over the past few years biometric technologies are used to security purposes by analyzing human characteristics. Unimodal biometric has some limitations which overcome with multibiometric. Multibiometric system also inherits some problems related to the template security. Now a days in network goes on different types of attacks which can handle by biometrics. In paper present different types of biometrics attacks and types of multi-model biometric system. Various techniques proposed in developing an authentication system for promising to individuals information security to come together biometric characteristics of that individual and the feature transformations as well as cryptographic techniques. It also provides fundamental idea for future research that may help in removing the difficulty associated with the current authentication systems. Biometrics technologies are gaining popularity today since they provide more safe and capable of authentication and verification.

Keywords: Multi-Biometric, Cryptographic, Security, authentication accuracy, template protection

Edition: Volume 4 Issue 12, December 2015

Pages: 1090 - 1094