Downloading: Haptic Technology and its Implementation in Medical Field
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Haptic Technology and its Implementation in Medical Field

P. V. Phani Teja, R. Ravi Kumar

Abstract: In these paper basic concepts behind haptic technology which includes haptic interface and haptic rendering techniques and use of haptic technology in surgical simulation and medical training, and various issues and methods in generating tactile feedback are discussed. In experimental psychology and physiology, the word haptic refers to the sense of touch. So apart of senses like vision and audio one can feel the sense of touch of things that are created in the virtual world. Haptic may imply haptic communication, haptic perception and haptic technology. Haptic communication is the way of response given by humans and other animals via touching. Haptic perception is the process of recognizing objects through touch. Haptic technology refers to tactile feedback, which means it provides feedback in the form of touch so one can feel the physical properties and movements of virtual objects created by computer. Haptic technology has wide range of applications in various fields and its implementation in medical field has been extremely useful. It helps to reduce the burden of the surgeon by providing efficient interaction through virtual reality.

Keywords: Haptic Technology, kinesthetic, tactile, sensor, actuator