Downloading: Design and Analytical Calculation of Reactor Pressure Vessel
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Design and Analytical Calculation of Reactor Pressure Vessel

Patel Nikunj S, Ashwin Bhabhor

Abstract: In today's scenario pressure vessel is used for many purposes all over the world and for that pressure vessel manufacturers try to make best pressure vessel which fulfills all most all requirements of industry. Today many types of pressure vessels are available with different capacities. Pressure vessel storage the liquid and discharge it with required pressure and temperature. Life of the pressure vessel has less due to some losses like residual stresses and distortion on the weld joint and creeping is done on pressure vessel parts. So we would like to check the design of existing reactor pressure vessel which is manufactured by NEW BLUEMOON ENGINEERS and make new design of some major parts of reactor pressure vessel and comparing the design through some experimental/analytical base modeling and thermal analysis of reactor pressure vessel by using advanced CAE tool. So it gives the best design which is feasible for reactor pressure vessel. This paper gives some of the important information, knowledge and analytical calculation and comparison of existing and new design reactor pressure vessels to empower the basic fundamentals to carry out work.

Keywords: Reactor Pressure vessels, Design, Analytical calculation