Downloading: ICT Strategy of GrameenPhone (GP) in Bangladesh
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ICT Strategy of GrameenPhone (GP) in Bangladesh

Md. Shafiul Alam Chowdhury, Ayesha Jahan, Rokeya Akter Jui, Sadeka Parvin

Abstract: In todays hyper-competitive global market Information and communication Technology (ICT) has become the key player for small and large organizations. Now companies have started thinking strategically and so developing their ICT architecture and strategies to gain the maximum benefits from their businesses. This report presents a case study that leads to an analysis of ICT strategy in the case company GrameenPhone (GP), the leading telecommunication service operator in Bangladesh; with over twenty-five million mobile subscribers. As a telecommunication service operator GrameenPhone extensively uses ICT in the business. The report presents an analysis of the ICT strategy in GP by first identifying the strategic use of ICT in the business and how ICT helps GP to gain sustainable competitive advantages over its competitors. Apart from that the report also tries to assess the maturity of strategic alignment between the ICT strategy and the business strategy. The report includes the results found from both the interview and the survey conducted to collect the necessary data for a deeper analysis. The analysis is done using several well known methods and frameworks. Finally some possible ICT solutions have been suggested that can be considered by Grameen Phone for its future strategic planning.

Keywords: ICT, Grameen Phone, GP