Downloading: A Study on Emotional Brand Loyalty towards Consumer Health Drinks
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A Study on Emotional Brand Loyalty towards Consumer Health Drinks

T.Kalakumari, M.Sekar

Abstract: This research is mainly dealt with the mind set of the consumers buying health drinks. The study on the Brand Loyalty on Consumer Health Drinks clearly explains the Taste, Preference, Essentials of the consumers consuming health drinks in their day to day life. This research also focuses on the changing preference of the customers because in todays time, there are much more options in choosing the health drinks according to the consumers taste. In order to increase the customers satisfaction, marketers have developed various marketing programs. Questionnaires were designed and distributed to the consumers for the collection of primary data. The total sample size is 110 in total. From the Primary Data, the Percentage Analysis, Ranking Analysis and Chi-Square Test were derived. This research also denotes a viable solution to estimate the Brand Loyalty from the various Analyses done. This research also gives clear information of which Brand is the most preferred by the Consumers in consuming their day to day health drinks. This paper also gives the readers awareness on the overall usage of the health drinks consumed in total by the customers all over the area.

Keywords: Brand, Brand loyalty, Brand preferences, Consumer satisfaction, Health drinks