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Analysis of Hand Over Scheme for VANETS

Mithil A.Wasnik, S. S. Dorle

Abstract: Vehicular Adhoc Network is one of the fastest exploring technologies. In VANETs lot of work has been done. There are many issues in Vanets which have been addressed by the researchers like Congestion, Intelligent System, and Security. One of the main problems in VANETs is complete automation. The geographical area selection is one of the main problems which can arise while working with VANETs. In WAVE (Wireless Access for Vehicular Environment) the nodes are usually mobile vehicles or nodes. Since the terminal nodes are mobile they perform handover more frequently than in other wireless communication networks. But the multimedia streaming and VOIP will be seriously hampered by too frequent Handover and high latency. In todays scenario many Handover scheme are based on the signal strength which is received from the Base station which does not suit for vehicular environment. In VANETs the regional traffic and scenario keeps on changing with time.

Keywords: Vehicular Adhoc Networks, ITS, Handover, VANET

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