Downloading: Secure Virtualization In Cloud Computing Using Eucalyptus
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Secure Virtualization In Cloud Computing Using Eucalyptus

Dr.M.C Padma, Abdul Jabbar. K

Abstract: The paper aims to ensure the security for virtual machines in cloud computing using Eucalyptus. Cloud computing is the next generation of networking computing, since it can deliver both software and hardware as on demand resources and services over the Internet. Virtualization plays a special role in cloud computing. After virtualization, it has been possible to present compute resources in the form of Virtual Machine (VM) Images. Security is significant concern in cloud computing. In this paper, the existing security challenges of cloud computing and the security threats in Virtual machine interconnectivity are presented first. Because users who are granted super-user access to their provisioned VMs, without care, may have possibilities that a VM can monitor another VM or access the underlying network interfaces. The paper focuses on the security of virtual machine instances by modifying the existing networking model, which can control the inter-communication among VM instances running in Eucalyptus with higher security.

Keywords: Cloud computing, Virtualization, Virtual machine, Eucalyptus