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Industrial Process Parameter Control using Ethernet

N. U. Chipde, V. R. Raut

Abstract: In todays world networking is important part of industrial automation for monitoring and control of industrial process parameters. To provide this automation we implement a system which uses ARM Processor with Ethernet controller ENC 28J60. As most of industrial devices does not have network interface capability so ENC 28J60 will use to provide interface capability. In industries there are several parameters which must be monitor continuously. ENC 28J60 is important part of this system which is used as Ethernet network interface for any controller equipped with SPI. It will satisfy the all specifications of IEEE 802.3, also it has MAC and PHY modules, it will provide faster data transfer using internal DMA. By using RJ 45 connector we can connect a microcontroller to a required MBPS network. To access the ENC 28J60 we have to configure the register and memory. This design basically consists of SPI communication module, processor module and Ethernet interface module. Due to which system has high performance and offers widest range of features viz flexibility, reliability, durability when compared with conventional and old solution to monitor and control.

Keywords: ENC 28J60, Ethernet, ARM