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Bio-Inspired Methods for Efficient MANET

Pankaj Chaudhary, Sachin Chaudhary

Abstract: Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANETs), that do not rely on pre-existing infrastructure and that can adapt rapidly to changes in their environment, are coming into increasingly wide use in military applications. At the same time, the large computing power and memory available today even for small, mobile devices, allows us to build extremely large, sophisticated and complex networks. Such networks, however, and the software controlling them are potentially vulnerable to catastrophic failures because of their size and complexity. Biological approaches have many of these same characteristics and are potentially subject to the same problems. But in successful organisms, these biological networks do in fact function well so that the organism can survive. In this paper, we present a MANET architecture developed based on several features of bio-inspired approaches, widely observed in biological networks but not ordinarily seen in computer networks. These features allow the network to switch to an alternate mode of operation under stress or attack and then return to the original mode of operation after the problem has been resolved. We explore the potential benefits such architecture has, principally in terms of the ability to survive radical changes in its environment using an illustrative example

Keywords: Biologically-Inspired Networking, Homeostasis, Survivability, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks