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Performance and Reliability of Computer System

D.S Kushwaha, Jyotsna Sinha

Abstract: The system needs to be auditable, reliable, and manageable from a security point of view and must provide records to the security control supervisor, so that system performance, security safeguards, and user activities can be monitored. The computer system reliability is the main criteria to choose any configuration to solve the problems. The Poisson distribution suffers from the same problems as the Exponential Distribution in that the design must be stable and random failures such as when assessing component failures on an established system. After the test, failure rates can be estimated statistically using well-proven techniques. The above indicates the reasons provided according to the source of the information, so it is necessary to define failure more precisely. To avoid confusion with the other types of failure, it is better to define those seen by the user as incidents or, where the whole computer stops, as system interruptions or system failures. With all these various types of failure, the term mean time between failures becomes ambiguous and needs clarifying.

Keywords: reliability, bathtub curve, burn in, bedding in, wear out

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