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Capital Market in Bangladesh: An Overview

Alak Kumar Saha

Abstract: There are so many economic indicators that show the strength or weakness of economic condition of a country like Bangladesh and Gross Domestic Products (GDP) is one of them, while the turnover of capital market can contribute a lot towards the GDP. The objective of the study is to show the contribution of capital market, especially of share market to the economy of Bangladesh, while the hypothesis regarding the unsound capital market takes place. Unfortunately, the said market could not play the proper role as it was expected in comparison with the neighboring, regional and some other countries that the study finds. It suggests that the government along with the authorities concerned should be more active in strengthening this market so that the investors as well as issuers could come forward to involve themselves with full confidence.

Keywords: Capital market, Investors & Issuers, Share market, Turnover, Gross Domestic Product