Downloading: A New Algorithm to Improve the Sharing of Bandwidth
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A New Algorithm to Improve the Sharing of Bandwidth

Diakite Laye Hadji, Yu Li

Abstract: Infrastructure fewer networks of mobile devices, which are linked with wireless and also self-configured, are known as mobile ad-hoc network (Manet). Like several other techniques this also has some benefits as well as the challenges in it. As wireless ad-hoc networks is a collection of wireless nodes, so each node in it serves as a router and forwards packets to other nodes for communication. The flow is from source to the destination point. In this paper, the focus has been made on some new areas of research in the field of wireless, mobile ad-hoc networks. The proposed approach will be used to increase the utilization of bandwidth allocation with the priority with the zones in wireless network environment. This approach will be helpful to maximize the performance of the network and provide the best performance to the users under the wireless network. QoS for mobile users will be ensured for ad hoc networks. Demand of the mobile users will be according to the required bandwidth, and proposed bandwidth allocation protocol is zone based. The zone based bandwidth protocol may reduce the QoS degradation

Keywords: Wireless Networks, Adhoc Bandwidth Allocation, Quality of Service