Downloading: Mother Feeling towards Childbirth: A Phenomenological Study
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Mother Feeling towards Childbirth: A Phenomenological Study

Kumari J, Rana A

Abstract: Childbirth is one of hardest, parts of Pregnancy and realizing the vision of having a child. The goal of the current study was to explore the mothers experience of child birth. Quantitative approach is implicated in the study which uses an hermeneutic phenomenology based on Van Manens method. The twelve mother included in the study, who had normal process of child birth by using purposive sampling. Data were collected using semi - structure interviews. The thematic analysis followed the method as suggested by Max Van Manen for isolating themes. Seven themes emerged i.e Reasons for choosing this hospital, difficulties faced during admission, care received during labour, information provided regarding the progress of labour, problem faced in labour room, support in labour room and initiation of breast feeding. The findings illuminate the meaning of childbirth as experienced by mother and highlight the need for its management. The generated knowledge can be used by the health care professionals to develop the policy involving male partner actively in child birth process.

Keywords: child birth, experience, labour, phenomenology, thematic