Downloading: A Measurement Tool to the Antecedents and Consequences of Trust in Online Travel Services
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A Measurement Tool to the Antecedents and Consequences of Trust in Online Travel Services

Arlinda Meidina Shabila, Indrawati

Abstract: The phenomenon of startup unicorn in Indonesia is developing rapidly. The title of unicorn is given to the startup that have a valuation of US $1 Billion. One of five companies entitled as unicorn in Indonesia is came from an online travel services company, namely ABC Company that has valuation approximately US $2 Billion. The development of digital marketing has brought that ABC online travel services company to become one of Indonesias startups unicorn. The effects of customers toward the digital marketing that has been done by the online travel services company need to be understand in the purpose of predicting their loyalty to the ABC online travel services company. The antecedents and consequences of trust model by Filieri et al. (2015) is seen as the proper basis for this research. A modification in the proposed model was made to fulfil the objectives of this research by adding the loyalty dimensions which are referral, repurchase intention and reject other and the factors used are information quality, perceived website quality, user satisfaction with previous experiences and perceived website trust. The pilot test was conducted on 30 respondents to prove the validity and reliability of the model. Results show that 7 constructs and 35 items considered to be valid and reliable in the test. For that reason, the measurement tool is qualified to be used in further study.

Keywords: Unicorn, digital marketing, the antecedents and consequences of trust, loyalty