Downloading: Environmental Accounting Practices in India
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Environmental Accounting Practices in India

Dr Ashima Saxena

Abstract: Green accounting is a modern term for accounting for environment and natural resources. By using it as a resource, other environmental costs can be raising by sound decision-making and greener technologies. The main aim of this paper is to understand the meaning and value of environmental accounting. Social environmental responsibility is one of the main areas of corporate social responsibility today. Environmental accounting plays an important role in the CSR of a corporation. While environmental accounting in every company is a difficult task, efforts are made to demonstrate how green accounting leads to environmental sustainability. The organizations have to take action to incorporate renewable accounts at all corporate stages. The government has to take effective steps to ensure that environmental standards are not interfered with and that sanctions are levied. In the company's social responsibility, responsibility for the world has become one of the most important factors.

Keywords: Green accounting, Social environmental responsibility, Economic development, Environment Protection, Environmental accounting