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To Study Incidence of Benign Breast Diseases in Females

Dr. P. Anusha, Dr. B. Mallayya

Abstract: Background: Benign lesions of the breast are common. They are known to affect both males and females. About 30 % of women suffer from benign breast disorder and require treatment in their life. At least 90 % of patients attending a breast clinic will have a benign breast condition. The various breast lesions range from mastalgias, inflammatory diseases, palpable mass, swelling, or generalized lumpiness, which varies from aberrations of normal development and involution, nipple discharge, benign breast tumors to malignant breast disease. In this study, we analyzed the various Benign Breast Diseases incidence with respect to age. Methodology: Prospective studies of fifty patients of benign breast disease in the age group of 16-40 years were studied for their clinical profile, investigative study, and management. This study was carried out for 12 months from September 2018 to September 2019. FNAC was done for all the patients, and HPE was done for eight operated cases. Results Fifty cases of benign breast diseases were studied. Six cases were treated conservatively, and rest underwent surgery. Fibroadenoma was the commonest followed by fibroadenosis. Lump in the breast was the most frequent presenting complaint. The upper outer quadrant was the most typical location. Conclusion Benign Breast Diseases are a spectrum of breast diseases that are common among reproductive women and for which effective management protocol can be instituted based on FNAC and Histopathology.

Keywords: Benign breast disease, Fibroadenoma