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Teacher's Efficacy: Review and Update

Dr. Raj Kumari Singh

Abstract: Many factors are associated with teacher effectiveness. Factors such as training, background, and preparation certainly affect the ability of teachers to reach their students and make a meaningful difference in their education. However, some believe that in order for teachers to be effective in their profession they must believe they are effective. If teachers do not feel as though they are reaching their students then this may have a direct impact on their teaching One of the major challenges facing university teachers is to adapt and include student-centred strategies, methodologies and techniques that foster the competence to be learnt and encourage independent learning. The success of these teaching activities and practices depends to a great extent on teachers self-perception and confidence in their professional capacity to face up to the changes involved in learning-centred models. Herein the present article, the author has tried to explore the meaning of teachers sense of efficacy and its applications to improvise pedagogy in modern era of education.

Keywords: efficacy, pedagogy, pre-teacher, education