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De-fluoridation by Mangrove Microbe

Sameer Sahoo, Divakar Goli

Abstract: One bacterial isolate Bacillus pumilus out of hundred and twenty-eight screened for tolerance against Pb, Cd, Ba, Cr, Fe, Cu, and F was found to be resistant against all. Hence it was selected up for detail study. The isolate could stand up against F- upto 1000 ppm. Shifting the pH from 7 to 6, an increase in de-fluoridation was observed i.e. 46 % to 64 %. The non-metal absorption efficiency increases on altering pH (pH 7 to 6) i.e. from 200 ppm to 286 ppm Further analysis is based at a range of fluoride conc. 0.5-20 ppm at pH 6 and 7, as the available fluoride in most of the contaminated site is

Keywords: Halophilic bacteria, Mangrove, De-fluoridation