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Lipid Profile in Patients of Breast Carcinoma

Shachindra Kumar Pathak, Samir Gupta

Abstract: Background: There are multiple risk factors for occurrence of breast carcinoma among women. However, the cause and effect relationships between cholesterol and increased cancer risk remain unclear. This has been addressed in multiple retrospective clinical studies although these have yielded equivocal results, with many finding no relationship, some indicating a protective effect, while others implicating cholesterol as a significant risk factor. This descriptive study was aimed to study the relationship between prevalence of dyslipidemia among patients with breast carcinoma. Conclusion: We observed that there is a higher instance of breast cancer patients with post-menopausal status to have high total cholesterol, however our study did not reveal any association of post menopausal women with elevated Triglycerides, LDL or lower HDL levels.

Keywords: Breast, Cancer, Dyslipidemia, Cholesterol, Menopausal