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Philanthropy Reflection in GulPacha "Olfat" Proses

Ehsanullah Pamir, Khan Muhammad Azizi

Abstract: Gul Pacha Olfat has expressed the issue of the philanthropy in his artistic proses very well, Olfat is a star of the Pashto literature, for this reason he can expresses the philanthropy very well. Philanthropy is an origin in this contemporary period, it is philanthropy which it can dissolve the problems of the people, and philanthropy shows the direct and successfulness way for all people. And Allah Says in holy Quran which the all Muslims people are brothers. Different information about the social life has described in: Olfat proses, and his proses express the social, economic, and political states, which they have connection with philanthropy and humanity, so all these give very good information for us, and we can find the way of the life by philanthropy. The good way and the successfulness way do exist in the philanthropy, which all they are the inheritance of the Gul Pacha Olfat. So Olfat has pointed in his proses to every good way. And also I have decided which I must write anything under the title of the philanthropy, because we must live in the space of affection, and in the space of sympathy. So this topic can give very good counsel for all people, till the people take decision for the making and for progress of their country and society.

Keywords: Philanthropy, Patriotism, making thought of the human and Instruction for human