Downloading: Delayed Recovery from Concussion Symptoms in Patients with ADHD
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Delayed Recovery from Concussion Symptoms in Patients with ADHD

Dr. Satish Gaddam

Abstract: Concussions have been an increasing incidence and specifically pediatric sport-related concussions have become a public concern. As far as prolonged recovery from concussions of ADHD patients or severity of post concussion symptoms are concerned, some findings reveal a prolonged recovery from concussion in ADHD individuals; however, a further baseline characteristic of patients is needed to predict more accurately as to what type of patient exactly is at a higher risk of delayed concussion recovery. The very first thing required to be done is conducting large prospective cohort studies that will help in establishing associations and will confirm what kind of individuals are at more risks of delayed recovery or severity in post concussion symptoms. Generally, a majority of pediatric patients of concussions recover fully in about three weeks time however the neuropsychological impact that the patients suffer from is not properly known. This can be owed mainly to the fact that several factors affect the severity of concussions being experienced by the patients such as age, post concussion treatment and presence of co-morbidities. The findings related to prolonged post concussion symptoms or severity in post concussion symptoms in patients suffering from ADHD offers somewhat mixed results, with some pieces of evidence that support the claims, while others questioning the validity of the findings of such types of researches.

Keywords: Concussions Symptoms, ADHD, Concussion Recovery