Downloading: Comparative Study of Bacterial Flora of Bilein Biliary Diseases and Normal Gall Bladder
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Comparative Study of Bacterial Flora of Bilein Biliary Diseases and Normal Gall Bladder

Dr. N. K. Goswami, Dr Ankit Kasundra

Abstract: INTRODUCATION: Gall bladder disease has a wide geographical variation being common in developed country. The bile tract probably does not harbor bacteria at most times in normal individuals. Bile in gall bladder or bile duct in the absence ofbilliary diseases normally sterile but in presence of any gall bladder stone and obstruction the prevalence of bactibillia increases. MATERIAL AND METHDS. The retrospective study was done in total 100 cases among these 100 cases 50 were having billiary or gall bladder diseases andcomprised the study group while the remaining 50 were having other gastrointestinal diseases having no involvement of gall bladder and comprised the control group of study. RESULT: In this study of 100 case, 50 study group cases have positive microbial flora and in 50 control group cases only 3 case have positive microbial flora. Out of the positive 23 patients in study group, 21 cases have cholecystitis or cholelithiasis and from the control group, 3 positive cases have gram negative flora. CONCLUSION: Detection of microbial isolation in bile proved to be helpful tool inplanning and antibiotic therapy for patient that helped in reducing hospital stay and avoid any major complication/expiry. Normal billiary tract infected by gram negative infection and our all 3 case positive in control group is gram negative. Key word: Incisional Hernia, preperitoneal (sublay), onlay, meshplasty.