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The Latest Situation in Turkey and the World of Organic Agriculture

Hulya Saygi

Abstract: Organic agriculture has been rapidly spreading in the world, and the global organic food market is gradually expanding. Turkey is a typical example of countries that develop their organic agriculture activities in accordance with their exportation potential. Quite big portion of the countrys organic goods production is being exported abroad. The demand in Turkish domestic market is also on the gradual rise. Even though Turkey has very suitable ecological conditions and high exportation potential, the countrys share in the worlds organic food market is quite low. This studys main purposes are to describe what organic agriculture has been from yesterday to today, and to put forward the final state of organic agriculture in todays World and Turkey. As a result, the study will also propose solutions for organic agriculture and the main problems arisen in the expertise. Thus, it will bring forward suggestions in relation with policies, research - development, and education programs intended for improving organic agriculture in Turkey and increasing organic products exportations of the Country.

Keywords: organic agriculture, policies, market development, World, Turkey

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