Downloading: The Effect of Management (Style) on Cost of Quality for Sustainable Engineering Projects
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The Effect of Management (Style) on Cost of Quality for Sustainable Engineering Projects

Hamza Ali K. Krebish, Dr. Aysen Berberoglu

Abstract: Management styles affect quality and the cost in the construction industry. Despite this, little has been done to counter the negative effects of failing to implement quality while reducing cost in construction projects to achieve sustainability in the sector. This study investigates the relationship between management style and the cost of quality in the construction industry which is an important factor for sustainability in any sector. 108 self-administered questionnaires were distributed among employees of two construction firms in Libya, Tripoli state. The data was analyzed using the statistical package tool for social sciences (SPSS) to arrive at the results. Statistical analysis such as T-Test, ANOVA and Regression analysis were employed to test the relationships between the three variables: quality, management style and cost as related to quality. The results showed that management styles have an impact on the cost of quality which can affect the sustainability in the industry. Meanwhile, the findings reveal that most employees lack adequate information on the importance of cost of quality, thus information and education are seen as key to ensuring that firms as well as employees adopt and implement cost of quality. Additionally, an effective leadership is seen to support employees to achieve quality in construction projects, maximize on profits, thus achieving companys and clients objectives.

Keywords: Construction projects, management style, quality cost management, cost of quality, Libya