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Security through Steganography - A Survey

Manu Narula, Chahat Goyal, Nikhil Sinha

Abstract: In todays world, digitization has become a popular concept. However, it has also led to vast new ways of compromising privacy and accessing sensitive information giving rise to the need for high standard security in this field. Three major players surfaced in response to this problem; Cryptography, Water marking and Steganography. Steganography hides information in visual actions or media such as hand signs, visual Morse code, image pixels or frame pixels for streamed flow like videos, making it invisible to a wide variety of attacks as well as simple visual detection from humans making it almost impenetrable layer of security. Here we will be discussing the very roots of emergence of Steganography, their importance at their inception as well as their role in shaping the modern day landscape for data hiding schemes, along with the modern take and techniques in persuasion today.

Keywords: Steganography, Transform Domain, Spatial Domain, LSB, Quantization, Histogram