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The Role of Women in Bali Folktale

Ni Nyoman Karmini

Abstract: This study aimed to describe the role of women in the story I Siap Selem. To achieve its objectives used feminist theory. This research is classified as qualitative research. The object of his research is the Balinese folktale entitled The I Siap Selem. Data collected by the documentation method with the note taking technique. The data obtained were analyzed by verstehen and hermeneutics methods. Her findings are the role of strong, superior, responsible and alert women; Patient, independent women; Smart, smart and critical women; and Women who are able to determine attitudes and are able to make decisions. The nature and behavior of the figureI Siap Selem as a symbol of women is very well emulated and used as a guide in living this life. The behavior of the I Meng Kuuk character is not well emulated. The results of his research, presented descriptively with inductive-deductive techniques

Keywords: the role of women, Balinese folktale