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The Impact of Mobile Journalism on the Traditional Media

Yukti Seth

Abstract: Journalism is the profession which involves a person to stay on their toes for quickly and precisely accumulate, produce and broadcast the daily scoop of the world or the country. It is a stream which is very receptive towards technological developments. So, in the recent years a New wave of journalism has come to existence which is accounting to the needs of unfiltered, right-on-spot coverage of news and also meeting the comfort of the consumers regarding its accessibility through the new media, its called Mobile Journalism (MoJo). Mobile Journalism is the type of journalism in which a smartphone plays the primary role and act as catalyst for the entire process of journalism. A mobile phone becomes a pocket-friendly studio for reporters in which they may record, edit and publish their respective content. The objective of this research study is to analyze the impact of MoJo on traditional media and to search for its role in the future line of actions. The Hypothesis of the paper is that Mojo has positive impact on the Media industry in many ways and it has increased the efficiency of news reporting.

Keywords: Mobile Journalism, Efficiency, Impact, Traditional Media, Catalyst

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