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Bugs as Drugs - Trends in Biotechnology

Mahesh Shanmugasundaram, Rakesh Kumar Sharma

Abstract: The gut microbiota has more than 1000 types of bacteria in it. The metabolites like the short chain fatty acids synthesized by the gut bacteria plays a role in proper functioning of the different organs and inhibit pathogen colonization. Changes in the gut microbiota are linked to several non-communicable diseases including diabetes, obesity, cancer, nervous system disorders etc. The current trend is to use Bugs as Drugs which involves treatment of some of the diseases by microbes. Bacteriophages are used as a cure against cancer by vaccination and tailoring its specific delivery. Bacteria are used to fight cancer by its interaction and modulating its response on inherent cancer mechanisms. Anaerobic and some facultative anaerobes are involved in control and elimination of cancer. Bacteria can be genetically modified by attenuation and effective targeting. Bacteriophages are also useful in the treatment of bacterial infections. Probiotics can be engineered to kill pathogens, and facilitate re-colonization of the resident beneficial microflora. Replacing the malfunctioned intestinal microbiota with a consortium of bacteria derived from the intestine has a bright future for therapy.

Keywords: Gut Microbiota, Bacteriophages, Cancer, Bacteria, Food, Drug Metabolites