Downloading: A Study of Mean Platelet Volume as a Prognostic Marker in Sepsis
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A Study of Mean Platelet Volume as a Prognostic Marker in Sepsis

Dr. Harish.T. J, Dr. Balaraj K. P., Dr. Bharath.K, Dr. Prabhu.P

Abstract: BACKGROUND Sepsis is the most common cause of death in critically ill patients. Early goal directed therapy has been shown to decrease mortality in these patients. Sepsis is associated with thrombocytopenia and platelet indices reflect the platelet function better than the platelet count itself. Studies have proved the role of platelet indices in severe sepsis and prognosis of clinical outcome. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES; To compare platelet indices between survivors and non survivors in sepsis patients. To study if platelet indices have an impact on the prognosis of sepsis. METHOD-This is a 6 months observational study undertaken at kims hospital, Bengaluru in the Department of medicine. A total of 50 patients who met inclusion criteria were included and was observed for the results. RESULTS- A total of 50 patients were included in the study out of which 26 were males and 24 were female patients. The mean age of patients was 58.32 years. The most common cause of sepsis was Pneumonia (28 %). Out of 50 patients 23 (46 %) survived and 27 (54 %) not survived. In non survivors MPV was 14.18 ( SD 1.369) when compared with survivors 12.44 ( SD 1.123). CONCLUSION- The MPV was found to be significantly elevated in sepsis patients who died when compared to sepsis patients who survived. Hence MPV can be used has prognostic marker in sepsis patients.

Keywords: MPV-mean platelet volume, sepsis, qSOFA,

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