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Biotechnological Developments in Animal Husbandry

Bulent KAR

Abstract: Biotechnology covers all the studies that aim to obtain a new organism by using whole or part of plant, animal or microorganisms or to make changes in the genetic direction of an existing organism in the desired direction. Biotechnology in the animal field, which aims to ensure adequate and balanced nutrition of the rapidly growing world population; Investigation of cell, embryo, organ cultures, genetic structures of plants and animals, extraction of gene sequences, thus the emergence of new genotypes, the use of this information in classical breeding or the application of transgenic genotypes by direct gene transfer. Depending on the increase in population and technology, animal food needs and development do not exist. In this context, animal biotechnology will be the most effective area in the future. In this study; animal cloning, productivity and problems in farm animals, food safety, genetic engineering and environmental and ethical concerns.

Keywords: Biotechnology, Food, Animal Cloning, Genetics, Ethical Concerns