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Ankle Brachial Index in Diabetic Patients

I Dewa Made Ruspawan, I Wayan Sukawana, I Made Sukarja, I Putu Eka Widyadharma

Abstract: Chronic hyperglycemia in diabetes mellitus (DM) can induce micro and macrovascular complications. The study aimed to determine the blood pressure and Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) in diabetic patients in Badung Tengah, Indonesia. The study was conducted with a cross-sectional study method on subjects recorded as DM patients in eight community health care centers in Badung Tengah. In 140 of the total participant, the mean brachial systolic pressure was 143.79 21.57 mmHg and 85.62 11.42 mmHg for brachial diastolic pressure. Most people with diabetes had stage II hypertension (65 %), and stage I hypertension (19 %). The average ABI was 1.23 0.15, with a high ABI category of 30 % and 2.86 % of people with diabetes experiencing peripheral artery disease (PAD). The ABI findings in this study are slightly better compared to the results of ABI in other studies may be due to the sample size, the tools, the method, and study design. Diabetic patients tend to have high blood pressure, which stages II hypertension more frequent than stage I hypertension. The ABI index in most diabetic patients in Badung Tengah was standard.

Keywords: Blood Pressure, Ankle Brachial Index, Diabetes mellitus

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