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The Long Way Home: The Social Diagraming of Philippine School Doha Alumni in the Philippines

Dr. Fredelito Don John A. Vallesteros, Dela Cruz Angelica, Delavin Alexandra, Merced Andrianna, Platitas Allyza, Tubello Jollienne

Abstract: Background: As students repatriate, the possibility of experiencing reverse culture shock is high. They can experience various hardships socially, culturally, environmentally, and educationally. Method: A phenomenological research design was employed in this qualitative paper to understand the lived experiences of Philippine School Doha graduates, relative to the central question: What common difficulties do Philippine School Doha graduates experience after moving to the Philippines Data were gathered through a twenty-five semi-structured interview, and were analyzed using an inductive approach in theme development. Findings: Findings have shown the common difficulties of graduates experience with regard to their adjustments which show the different aspects of it that PSD graduates go through when they study in the Philippines. Conclusion: The challenges and pressure points that students encounter is extensive and influence their capacity to adjust in life in their host institution. Recommendation: In order to fill the gap of this study, the paper suggests to have equal number of respondents to compare the differences. Furthermore, people with reverse culture shock should analyze what was learned abroad to make wise decisions. Thus, the need to incorporate distinct habits of the host country should be learned carefully and be able to start thinking on how to apply it scholastically and professionally.

Keywords: Repatriation, Reverse Culture Shock, Philippine School Doha, Adaptation