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Chronic Pain as a Problem of Modern Society

Kameliya Tsvetanova

Abstract: Pain is also one of the most frequently encountered symptoms in the primary care, representing enormous burden related to suffering on the part of the patient, deteriorated quality of life and high expenses of health care. It is admitted that the degree of the early postoperative pain is a significant predictor for the chronic one, which maintains the hypothesis that the continuous nociceptive stimuli in the perioperative period result in a change in the central nervous sensitization. The stated hereinabove determines the attention of the specialists in various spheres of medicine and psychology as well as the need of development of a complex medical-psychological approach in the treatment of pain, as further to the big financial expenditures realized by it, it intensely deteriorates the quality of life of the person affected by it.

Keywords: postoperative pain, chronic pain, epidemiology of the postoperative pain